Aleni De Viate

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Aleni De Viate is a Mistress and slave, and one of the most experienced Mistresses in Australia. She makes her home in Sydney with her Master Mark De Viate since 2001. Aleni first came into the BDSM world in 1998 in the position of the slave in a leather household. She trained first as a submissive, and then as a Top. Later, she has travelled around the world since 1999 and trained with extraordinary Masters, Mistresses and leather families which earned her the reputation as one of the most experiences lifestyle Mistresses in Australia.

She involved herself in the local BDSM community where she met Mark, who became his master in 2001. Mark and Aleni founded DV8House Sydney, where they hosted parties, skill shares and organized educational events. In 2004 Aleni fell in love with Shibari. She thinks it is a powerful of expressing and experiencing dominance as a woman. Her love for Shibari took Aleni to Japan and the United States to learn and then to teach the art of dominance through the rope.

In 2015 Aleni De Viate became Co-Founder and Instructor of Studio Kink Co, which is pretty famous in Sydney, Australia. Aleni with her solidly grounded Dominance background has shared her knowledge with countless female tops and dominants over the years. Her classes focus on practical techniques as well as developing an awareness and understanding why you do what you do helps you establish meaningful boundaries as well as improving your experience inside the Dominance dynamic.

Aleni has taught internationally and at home for the last ten years, covering a variety of topics. She has performed in LA and New York, as well as in her home country in Melbourne and Sydney. She continues with her journey as a student and as a teacher to explore her own kinks and loves discussing kink things with others in her tribe.

Image: Studio Kink

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