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Cypher Jones is a rope bunny, masochist, submissive, scholar and artisan who lives in Sydney. He is Co-founder of Studio Kink where he was instructor from 2015-2016.
He has been a kink enthusiast for almost all his adult life, but began in the public scene in 2011.

Shortly after entering the public scene, he met Nawarei, who is his partner, rigger, sadist, and love. Rope and the Sydney Rope community have become part of his life. Actually,he has spent several years modeling in workshops, imparting weekly classes, performing, participating in events, and doing events across Sydney.

For Cypher, it is never just rope. Rope is a mean of expressing his kink-self. Moreover, it is the most powerful means by which he connects to himself and to his partners. Cypher plays the role of submissive, so he gives himself to his partner. He enjoys the submission to his partners control and desires. When he plays the role as a masochist, he embraces the element of the desires that are sadistic, in order to experience pain, just because someone he loves, and loves him back, wants it that way, and a beautiful synergy happens between partners.

Cypher loves to connect, to let go, to be on the edge, and at the same time brought back to his center. Although Cypher is Studio Kink Co-founder along with Mark De Viate, Aleni De Viate, Lani De Viate, Nawarei, and Precipice, he only worked as an instructor for 1 year, from 2015 to 2016, where he also was a webmistress and site designer at the same time.

He is recognized mostly for his Bottoming Workshop, named Rope bottoming and more Presented by Cypher, as well as the workshop Running Scissors, thing mum told you not to do, which is imparted by Nwarei, Precipice and Cypher.

Image: Studio Kink

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