Lani De Viate

shibari models and teachers

Lani de Viate shows a unique, glamorous, feminine style, commonly known as the “fly girl” for her acrobatic performance. Lani is a Shibari teacher and performer. She lives in Sydney with her partner Mark de Viate and her co-partner Aleni De Viate. Together they have lived a longstanding polyamorous relationship that enjoys Shibari by performing, playing and teaching.

She usually wears lingerie, latex or leather in a glamorous style and grace that impresses everyone around. Lani also masters her signature of rapid transitions and acrobatic manoeuvres in rope suspension. That’s why they call her “fly girl” worldwide.

Lani de Viate met Mark de Viate in 2006, in Hellfire, Sydney.  She had heard great things about Mark, including his passion and love for tying people. Lani asked Mark to tie her and the magic between them began. Mark has been tying Lani ever since. Together, they have mastered their own unique style of Japanese inspired rope Bondage, commonly named Shibari.

Lani performs with Mark since 2006. They have performed in numerous venues with audiences ranging from 10 to 1500 people across Australia, New Zeland, the United States and Japan mostly, Partnering with Mark brought great opportunities to Lani’s life, in which at the end of 2006 they were travelling overseas to present classes in the United States and New Zeland which was pretty fast on what Lani could imagine. Shortly they were having annual trips to the United States and frequently visiting Japan where they were lucky to meet wonderful like-minded kink lovers along the way.

Lani de Viate had the opportunity to attend self-suspension classes of Asahi Ageha’s at Xplore in 2011, which gave her the chance to learn some skills from a very very talented performer artist and opened her eyes to another dimension of rope, which became a perfect addition to Mark’s and Lani’s performance repertoire.

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