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Wanting to Be Found

It was only years later that I realized that Uncle Charles was kink. I understand, back then, society wasn’t so open, and a man couldn’t be openly kink. He had[…]

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Shibari and Contemporary Art

Shibari can be a form of contemporary art. First of all, art should not fulfill a practical purpose. Now, anyone who knows Shibari has seen that, even though it is[…]

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Shibari for Tranquility

When I was kid, I used to see a poster on a store. It showed a mansion and three luxury cars. The caption read: “Decisions, decisions, decisions”. Well, I grew[…]

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Paying a Bet

Call me a “trophy wife”, I don’t care. The way I see it, almost everything in life is a deal. And if you get a good deal, it is only[…]

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Shibari Underneath

It’s so exciting, sometimes I feel like I’m gonna explode! When my boyfriend first told me about his idea for “underneath Shibari”, I wasn’t very enthusiastic, to tell the truth.[…]

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Chokyo for a Brat

Young people nowadays have absolutely no sense of discipline. They want everything fast and easy. And, if they don’t get it, they cry like babies. I know this because I’ve[…]

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Browser History

Samantha and I just don’t get along. I don’t know if it’s the classic “I hate my stepmother” cliché, or if there is some other reason, but we just don’t[…]

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Trying Hojojutsu

You name it, and, if it is extreme, I’ve done it. 100 feet bungee jumping, kayaking in wild rivers, eating poisonous insects (sometimes, while they were still alive), I’ve done[…]

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Shibari in Zero Gravity

I like Ian. He’s all you can expect from a millionaire with no boundaries. He likes fast cars, big yachts, and private jets. And he also likes women. That’s why[…]

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