Mistress Katherine Control

Mistress Katherine Control

Mistress Katherine Control is Seattle’s most exclusive Dominatrix. She loves to create a safe space to explore the clients more innermost desires.

Katherine has been studying BDSM and kink for over the past twenty years. She has traveled around the US and Canada for mentorship, private lessons, and workshops. She also studied with masters in hypnosis, dominance/submission, Shibari, and caning. Katherine also has a degree in communication and clinical psychology, which helps her to make the best decisions. Likewise, she can craft scenes that allow her customers to immerse themselves fully in their fantasies.

Since BDSM and kink activities involve risks, she takes extensive safety measures to minimize the chances of something going wrong. She is also very meticulous about hygiene and uses medical-grade disinfectants and sterilization procedures. Mistress Katherine also requires you to shower before your visit, as well as she will shower before the session.  

Katherine is Seattle’s most exclusive Dominatrix. Therefore, she only allows in session those who share the same interests and approach as her. Mistress Katherine specializes in and enjoys the following: Erotic hypnosis, forced feminization, flogging, human furniture, obedience training, fitness domination, punishment, Reiki or energy play, sensory deprivation, slut training, teacher /student role play, medical role-play, teasing, and denial, mummification, long hair fetish, E-stim, and Shibari and Rope Bondage.

Mistress Katherine Control will make your fantasy a reality, but she has some rules that you must follow. Otherwise, she won’t even reply to your request or end the session without a refund. She also accepts a limited number of clients in order to ensure that both can have the best possible experience.

If you are interested in a Bondage or Shibari session with the most famous and recognized Dominatrix in Seattle you should definitely book a session with Mistress Katherine.

Image: Mistress Katherine

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