How to do a sexy rope scene?

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Shibari and Rope Bondage have gained popularity in the past few years. In part, this is due to the famous book and movie Fifty Shades of Grey, which encouraged many people to try new things. One of the most popular innovations was bondage. However, desirable as it seems, the question remains. How to do a sexy rope scene? Well, it is all about bondage, power, intimacy and connection.

First step is to negotiate with your partner. Y ou can suggest a theme and talk about what you would like to include in the scene. You also need to prepare the mood of the scene. Music can be of great aid. Loft music usually works wonders in a sensual rope scene. You can pick chill or seductive music without lyrics so you can focus on the scene and avoid distractions.

Temperature is also very important. It is important to avoid both cold and overheat. Therefore, pay attention to that detail, especially if you are without clothes. The setting of the scene is also very important, although you can do a sensual rope scene everywhere, there are things that can affect the mood, so try a silent and peaceful place in order to fully enjoy the scene.

A sexy or sensual rope scene also requires seduction, and rather than focusing on fear and pain, you need to focus on seduction, using the rope, body contact and movements as your instruments and follow the music, try to combine the music with your movements, use candles around so you can achieve a more romantic setting. And last, but not least, communicate, communication is very important for the rope scenes, If you have good communication with your partner the scene will develop smoothly, romantically and sensually.

Image: Mantel Magazine

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