Introduction to Kink

You already know what kink is and that there is nothing bad about it. You also know that kink is way more common than people think and that many of them enjoy practicing it nowadays. So, if you are interested in experiencing the kinky world firsthand, or you are looking for new experiences to spice up your sexual life, look no further. This will be your introduction to kink.

What is kink?

Kink is generally any sexual practice that falls out of the convention. Kink itself refers to anything that bends away from the “straight and narrow” such as gentle touch, kissing, romantic talk, vaginal penetration, masturbation and oral sex. Everything outside of these activities is considered kinky. Some of the sexual practices that fall under the kinky sex umbrella are BDSM, Fantasy and Role Playing, Fetishes, Voyeurism or Exhibitionism, or Group sex.

How to get started?

If your are looking for a good introduction to kink, we recommend exploring BDSM. BDSM has been practised for a very long time. It is playtime with power dynamics, where there are two roles that people play: the Dominant who gives orders and is in charge; and the Submissive, who enjoys being dominated, restrained or controlled. You need to agree upon a safe word with your partner—if you feel uncomfortable, or would like to stop or slow down the scene, you only have to say that word.

Set your boundaries

After agreeing upon a safe word or words, it is important to talk about boundaries, which is where you establish with your partner what is permitted and what is not. Talking about them is a negotiation with your partner. You will discuss what you like and what you don’t, how far to go and where not to go. After this introduction to kink, you are ready to go play.

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