Why Do People Enjoy Being Tied Up?

Why do people enjoy being tied up? This question is the counterpart of another common question: why do people enjoy tying someone up? These questions follow one another. Everything has to do with people’s preferences and desires. In this entry I will illuminate some of the possible answers behind the first one.

Why Do People Enjoy Being Tied Up?: the Beginning

If you are practicing shibari, that means that you tie someone or enjoy someone tying you. What do they get out from this? To begin with, being tied can be very relaxing. While you are in this condition, you don’t have to make any decisions. You are not in control, and thus you can relax. People use this time to do nothing and plainly enjoy.

All About Pleasure: Expectation, Helplessness, and Excitement

The partner’s pleasure is something that motivates most of the shibari practitioners. This is commonly the reason why they start performing this discipline. People enjoy the connection that stems from tying and being the tied person. Being tied means that you have given the other control of your body and decisions. This sensation includes leaving everything in the riggers hands, being at their mercy. You can experience very interesting feelings, like expectation, helplessness, and  excitement.

Why Do People Enjoy Being Tied Up?: Release

Tied people like it because, at that moment, nothing else matters. In that instance, it is just them, the rigger, and the rope. Some say that it gives them freedom from the world, where they do not have to struggle with anything else. Therefore, (the feeling of) control is one of the reasons people like this practice. When tied, you are giving all the control to your partner, where you can forget any responsibilities, or any unfinished tasks or pressure you might have.


During the bondage process, you experience the feeling of presentness. This you can rarely achieve in daily life. Presentess is a time where you get really enjoy the moment and do not think of anything else happening outside the shibari scene.

Exhibitionism and Thrill-Seeking

For some, it is all about exhibitionism and thrill-seeking. They enjoy being the admiration of others and feeling the excitement of the danger that rope bondage involves. Some also do it for the aesthetic appeal of the bound body. Others do it for fun: they just enjoy it! Most people do it as a fetish.

Why Do People Enjoy Being Tied Up?: Conclusions

In another, less common, instance, people need bondage to be able to function sexually. Regardless, I believe there are more reasons why people like to be tied. But the truth is that many people enjoy it. The connection, the experience, and the feeling are indescribable. I believe that, if you try it, you will enjoy it.

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