Feeling Nervous About Tying?

Feeling nervous about tying can happen to the best of us. It is a thing and it is normal—and there is a simple and easy way to make it go away.

Let us explore some of the reasons why you are feeling nervous about tying. For example, this may happen to you because it is your first time tying someone. Or, perhaps, you are nervous because you have never done it with your partner before. Maybe the person you are planning to tie is very good looking and you want it to be picture-perfect. Let us face it: maybe you have not tied in forever and now you think you do not have it in you. For these and many other reasons we might have a great tip.

Feeling Nervous About Tying?: Our Piece of Advice

Remember that, in particular, it is relevant to point out that before looks comes how it feels. This means that you should concentrate, first, on how you position your ropes. The purpose is for them to be a real sensory experience. This will help you surpass your anxiety to find a picture-perfect tie or scene. Regardless, this does not mean that your ties have to be sloppy—but first comes first.

Here comes the great piece of advice: use a blindfold! Using one with your partner will allow them to focus completely on the sensations and feelings you are giving them. In addition, this action helps if you need a second or two to analyse or rethink what you are doing. Because they cannot see, they will not automatically know what you are up to.


The idea of them not knowing what comes next will definitely add an extra touch to your shibari experience. During your practice with your blindfolded partner, pay special attention to what comes out of your mouth. That is, try to be as coherent and confident as possible. The mixture of these things will make the experience extra special.

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