Building connections with your partner with one rope

In Shibari, building connections with your partner is very important. Usually, you use from 3 to 5 ropes during a scene. However, using only one rope can create a greater connection with your partner. Using only one rope will change the focus from the technical aspects of tying to the interaction between rigger and bottom.

Using one rope will make you build connections, where you will apply sensation and interaction in the scene. You can focus on the feelings both you and your partner experience with a particular tie. Likewise, you can look for creative positions, all using just one rope. Finally, you can will use the rope to stimulate, tease and play with your partner. It is an amazing way to get creative.

In scenes where you only use one rope, it is important to focus on a sensation play. All in all, it is the simple process of tying someone up into a very fun and sensual scene. In this type of scene, many bottoms experience the wonderful place called “subspace, thanks to the connection, feelings, and sensations that both partners share during the scene.

When you are tying with only one rope, you must get creative, you will be very close to your partner, you will be able to feel and hear the breathing and will be able to guide the scene easier with the connection you will be experiencing. Either a rough, or loving Shibari scene can be applied, where you will be able to take as long as you want, tying and untying your partner with different patterns where the erotism in the scene will be growing, and where you will not only enjoy the tying but also the untying in a more intimate way.

Now you know enough about building connections with your partner.

Image: MTL Blog

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