How to dye your rope

When you start in Shibari, usually you but the most simple rope, jute, which is great for Shibari. However, the nude color of jute is not as attractive as dyed rope. Although Shibari pictures mostly show natural colour ropes, you might want to take a step forward and use colors. Jute is easy to dye. Likewise, there are a few colors available: red, which is the colour of passion, of blood, of sex and sensuality, or maybe black for a more intense and dark scene.

First, it is important to choose a good quality rope if you intend to dye it. Remember you will treat the rope a little roughly and wet treat it. Consequently, it must be a quality rope.

For dying your rope you will need 2 containers of Dylon Tulpid Red Dye which is suitable for natural fibre rope (you can ask for another brand), a one-kilo bag of non-iodized salt, and gloves. With these materials, you are ready to dye your rope. First, you will need to Boil your rope. Boiling the rope will make it more flexible and would also expand the fibres. This will loosen the rope. Therefore, the dye will penetrate more deeply.

Once you boil the rope, transfer it to a big bucket, so all the rope gets the same colour. Add hot tap water to the bucket, the water needs to be very very hot, then dissolve the kilo of the non-iodized salt in th bucket and add the dye and stir it around for a while. You can live it overnight, but remember to stir it once in a while. The next morning, you need to empty the dye, run the rope through the washing machine a couple of times, hang it out, and let it dry.
Your rope will lie dyed perfectly in the colour you want.

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