All Tied Up San Diego 2

All Tied Up San Diego 2

All Tied Up San Diego 2 is a group of Rope Bondage enthusiasts. They believe in safety, education and growth of the rope community. Founded in 2015, it delivers a unique version of Japanese Shibari and Western Style Rope Bondage.  All Tied Up San Diego is a group of adults, for both tops and bottoms, interested in bondage. It is a place where the San Diego Rope community can get together, practice and share the love of Rope.

All Tied Up San Diego’s funders are SirKnottyDan and Renee HayBailey. They have hosted over 300 different rope events. This includes more than 150 Safety & Introduction Classes to over 2,000 persons. They teach with passion and joy.

ReneeHay Bailey is a rope bunny, and loves sharing her experiences in rope. As a bottom, she teaches the Safety and Introduction classes, showing the importance of bottoms education. She thinks that it’s not all about tying someone up, bottoms have much to learn about themselves, communication, psychology and the most important thing for her, what the bottoms want out of rope bondage.

SirKnottyDan is a rigger, who has travelled around the world and for the past 5 years has been teaching rope bondage in Southern California. He is a rope lover, who is constantly learning and growing his skills. He loves that rope takes its time, and likes helping people understand the close, intimate, and personal connection of rope and to enjoy watching how rope helps bring people together.

All Tied Up San Diego 2 believes that education comes first and then the experience, that to have Honest, Open and Clear communication is required, Consent matters and that Safety and Individual Responsibility is very important.
You will find a variety of events, workshops and classes that will fit everyone in the rope community.

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