Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures is the parent organization of a Stage Show, Guilty Pleasures Presents and Central Ohio Kinky Sports. This group organized events, classes, gatherings, lessons and workshops in BDSM practices with obviously included Rope Bondage. It all started out as a live and interactive BDSM performance at a Goth industrial nightclub called Outland in Columbus, Ohio. The company provides an event management and BDSM education to Columbus and Central Ohio.

Guilty Pleasures moved into different places for its gatherings until they teamed up with Club Princeton. This brought the brand of education to a whole new scene and without limiting the attendance, since they had a great venue. They started with plat parties with plenty of space to experiment, socialise and practice.

The company includes The Guilty Pleasures Stage Show, Guilty Pleasures Presents, and Central Ohio Kinky Sports. The Stage Show provides takes place at events or venues. There, they offer a variety of intriguing entertainment, which includes: punishment, electric play, bondage, rigging, fire play, and more. Guilty Pleasures Presents is an educational staple in the Columbus and Central Ohio Kink Communities. Here, you will find a safe place for learning. Questions and mistakes are seen as part of the process and never judged. It also provides classes on educational topics of interest every last Wednesday of the month. In this classes you will also be able to practice. And the last one, Central Ohio Kinky Sports, is a resource for ministers in Central Ohio, where they can participate in pseudo-athletic events with other kinksters every month.

Unfortunately, due to the health crisis, the company has been having a hard time and does not see any possibility of returning to normality soon, but they are still hoping they look forward to sharing with the Columbus community once again.

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