Killing Kittens

Killing Kittens was founded by Emma Style in 2005. It is an empowering brand that spoke to sexually adventurous women, men and couples who were looking for something more. It is best known for its famously decadent female-first parties and its inclusive, sex-positive, social networking for singles and couples since 2005. Nowadays, it is the world’s fastest-growing, sex-positive, social network that helps people around the world liberate their sexual desires.

What is this company all about?

Killing Kittens organizes events that challenge society’s shameful stigmas around sex. The company wants to eradicate archaic gender rules and create a welcoming community where everyone is can proudly embrace their sexuality. Their goal is to welcome singles and couples that want to let go of their inhibitions and take control of their own personal, sexual discovery journeys—where women are in charge and will be able to pursue female pleasure.

What events does it organize?

Killing Kittens has its partner, Kurious Kittens, which are sexy, fun events to attend with clothes ON. Kurious Kittens is exactly what the name suggests: it is the perfect place for everyone who is curious and wants to learn, explore and practice new things. Some of the Kurious Kittens events include Kurious Talk, which is open to both men and women and where you will learn something new. Bookclub is a night where women can connect with other like-minded females. The Moantalkk is a men’s only night for them to talk about real man stuff. The Workshops are hands-on, interactive events that teach new skills and practices; and the Kurious Nights are the social nights at venues around London to meet new people and have a fabulous Kurious night.

What else can I learn at Killing Kittens?

The company imparts classes and workshops about different sexual practices such as Rope Bondage, Shibari, BDSM, fantasies, kinks, role play and different sexual experiences. What are you waiting for? Join our Killing Kittens community.

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