Twisty Pops

Twisty Pops

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In this advanced weekend intensive, join Zero-Gi and Sam Jay in turning everything you know about hashira on its head. From leading ideas to Hanging Hashira suspensions, we will thoroughly cover set-up, fundamentals and body mechanics. Likewise, we will deal with adaptations and transpositions of classic hashira styles. Finally, we’ll introduce our nouveau style “Twisty Pops” developed uniquely for Hanging Hashira.

Hanging Hashira

Floating bamboo suspensions are often more feasible than traditional hashira for home ties. Moreover, event ties as indoor posts are often not as readily available. However, Hanging Hashiras present not only their own unique risks, but also unique options when compared to traditional hashira ties.

We will then focus on what and how to achieve both the classic feel and the intense look of hashira ties and sequences. Our studies on classical forms will play to the strengths of Hanging Hashira. That is, we will enhance these aspects and expand on fixed styles. Meanwhile, we will make strategic adaptations to avoid common transpositional pitfalls.

We’ve built out and worked through the rhyme, reason, and rules of Hanging Hashira. Additionally, we have practiced adapting and enhancing classical forms for this medium. Now it’s prime time for crime. In this unit, we break ranks with traditional forms and cross over into our dynamic style. A style which we have specifically designed around the dangly stick.

Twisty Pops

Keeping all the fundamentals, strategy, mechanics, and technique, we will finish with an expert study of collaborative experimentation for Hanging Hashira. Using a novel development format designed to spark inspiration, we will use all the concepts from the weekend and map them to your unique strengths and styles as rope partners. It is our aim to develop a well-rounded practice. This means balancing both ties/forms that we can adapt to our partners and custom ties/forms that we can build from the ground up in the unique container of our synergy for bespoke specialties.

Conceptual, aesthetic and safety aspects will be discussed throughout, with a strong emphasis on technical and practical details. If you’ve ever learned from us, you can bet there will be tasty nuggets of unique, interaction-focused warm-up exercises interspersed throughout.

About the Instructors Zero-Gi and Samjay take rope bondage to new heights, from skyscrapers to haute couture. As a rope duo, their dynamic style and taste for the extreme have manifested in everything from single toe suspension performances in Jamaica to rigging from the tops of Berlin radio towers at dawn. As an artistic tying team, their collaborations have graced top fashion magazines working with talents like Emily Ratajkowski and Justine Biticon, and they have been honored to present for a diversity of audiences worldwide, ranging in genre from high fetish ball Torture Garden NYC to underground queer techno raves, upscale galas, secret sex societies, social justice groups, and in burlesque, circus, fine arts, parkour, and high fashion.

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