Unabashed is a community-led queer kink in Denver Colorado, where all participants share a strong interest in the international co-creation of community. Unabashed is an event for all the community. It will take place in Studio Friction in Denver Colorado from October 1st to the 3rd.

Back in April 2020, the world was on lockdown, and events were closing. It was then that Mia, the founder, decided to create a local community where she and all kinksters could enjoy.

Unabashed is a community where every participant collaborates. Everyone attending must fulfill a work shift at some point during the weekend.  It is everyone’s community, in order for unabashed to function perfect, everyone needs to participate.

The unabashed team consists of Mia More, Princexx Piper, Quinn Lennox, Ev, and Amanda. Mia More is a gender chaotic kinky woman who experiences BDSM as a diverse tool for self-exploration and creative expression. Mia is an educator and event producer. She has been involved in the kink and BDSM community for the past 6 years. Princexx Piper has been a member of the queer, kinky and poly scenes for over two decades. He has a strong background in producing queer and radical performances, parties, and festivals.

Quinn Lennox is a queer, poly, kinky, ropey, and switchy who has participated in the Denver BDSM community since 2013. Ev is a trans-non-binary person who works in anti-oppression education, who wants to create queer and trans spaces. Amanda brings communication skills and a touch of her educational roots in transformative justice and pleasure activism to the Unabashed team.

This event will have several workshops and presenters, who will talk about different topics about BDSM, kink and of course rope bondage. You will be able to get tickets from $75 USD to $175 USD.

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