Figure of A

Figure of A is an accessories brand that takes its inspiration from Japanese rope bondage. The main desginer is Anna Kii, a rope artist and fashion designer, based in London.

Anna practiced rope bondage for several years. Later, she came up with the idea of making a Shibari wearable. This way, she would combine her passion for Shibari with her passion for design. With Figure of A she translates the traditional Japanese rope patterns use for binding bodies to accessories. This way, rope has a functional and a decorative purpose.

Figure of A accessories and clothing are not only fetish. They can be part of your everyday styling. Anna believes her products will help recontextualise the artistic form of Shibari in the public imagination to the aesthetic, sensual and consensual practice that it truly is.

Figure of A has different accessories, like crossbody bags, totes, necklaces, phone cases, body harness, bracelets, different style charms and key holders, belts, chokers, whips, hats, winter warmers, visors, head bands, and even face masks. You can also buy bondage ropes, shibari massage candle set, self tie full body harness, and the rope storage bag. Every product comes with the description for specific care instructions.

 All pieces are handmade from the best quality leather and custom made ropes, with materials mostly from the UK, European Union and Asia. All the  accessories can be shipped worldwide after 3 days of the manufacturing time and depending on the service of delivery, but if you have a deadline you can contact them in order they can make it on time. If you are planning any accessories or cloth as a gift, the have a Shibari packaging gift, that comes in a black binded box, which is perfect gift for a Shibari lover.

Image: Figure Of A