The Aviary Philadelphia

The Aviary Philadelphia is an improvisational interactive theatre night with a focus on the deconstruction of the political theory concepts of Contract and Domination, including BDSM practices, specially Rope Bondage.

The Aviary Philadelphia hosts an event on the second Saturday of every month, together with The William Way LGBT Community Center.  The events are for adults over 18 years old. Ticket price is $25 USD at the door. Affiliate members, as well as members of the local TNG, MasT, and Passion 101 classes, can ask for a discount.

The Aviary Philadelphia has different rooms. The Front Room is also known as the Social Area. It is the first room you will see once you enter the event. In the Front Rope, you will sign in at the front desk, and then be able to enjoy a relaxed open area. There, you can purchase refreshments, hang out and relax, or simply enjoy conversation with friends. The Newbie Room is perfect for newcomers or anyone willing to learn a new skill, with the help of experienced practitioners.  

The Main Room is the most active. In it, you will find many play stations set up around the room, as well as several housetops that are available to play. Then you will find the Playground which is a relaxing place where you can sit, enter a blanket fort or have story time. Finally, the Aftercare Room is the perfect place to go once you are done with your scene. It is ideal to relax and rest. You can choose between a couch, a bean bag chair, or the floor. It is a quiet room, ideal for relaxation.

You can visit the websito to see the latest news on sanitary requierements. It also includes a phot gallery.

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