The Aviary Philadelphia

The Aviary Philadelphia

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The Aviary Philadelphia presents an innovative and interactive theatrical experience that delves into the deconstruction of political theory concepts like Contract and Domination. Therefore, entwining them with the realm of BDSM practices, notably Rope Bondage.

A Monthly Rendezvous

First, embark on a journey into The Aviary Philadelphia’s immersive world, unveiling its monthly event, collaboratively hosted with The William Way LGBT Community Center. Basically, it is geared towards adults aged 18 and above, each ticket is priced at $25 USD, payable at the door. However, special discounts are extended to affiliate members, as well as attendees from local TNG, MasT, and Passion 101 classes.

Rooms of Exploration

The Aviary Philadelphia boasts distinct rooms. Actually, each one catering to a unique aspect of the experience. Firstly, begin in the Front Room, your point of entry, where you’ll register at the front desk and enjoy the relaxed social ambiance. Then, savor refreshments, engage in conversations, or simply bask in the company of friends.

The Newbie Room

For novices and those eager to acquire new skills, the Newbie Room offers a nurturing environment guided by experienced practitioners. It’s an inviting space where knowledge is shared and skills are honed, embodying the ethos of growth and exploration.

The Main Room

The pulsating heart of The Aviary lies within the Main Room. This dynamic space is adorned with play stations and housetops, ready to facilitate exploration and interaction. Immerse yourself in an array of experiences as you traverse this central hub of creative expression.

Spaces for Relaxation

Seek solace in the Playground, a tranquil haven for introspection. Whether it’s nestling within a blanket fort, sitting in contemplation, or immersing yourself in story time, this corner invites respite. Post-performance, transition to the Aftercare Room – a sanctuary for restoration. Sink into the plush comforts of a couch, bean bag chair, or the floor. A serene ambiance nurtures the perfect atmosphere for relaxation.

A Hub of Updates

Stay informed by visiting the Aviary Philadelphia’s website. Gain insights into the latest news, including updates on sanitary requirements. Explore a captivating photo gallery that captures the essence of this unique journey.

Embark on an enthralling experience at The Aviary Philadelphia, where theatrical innovation seamlessly blends with the captivating world of BDSM and Rope Bondage. Immerse yourself in an environment that celebrates exploration, connection, and artistry.

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