How to finish your rope ends

How to finish your rope ends

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In Shibari there are two options to finish your rope ends, whether to knot them or whip them. It is very important to finish the rope none way or another, otherwise, your rope will unravel.
So, what is the best way to finish your rope?

Knotting your rope ends seems to be the simplest way of ending your rope. It is quick, easy and takes a couple of seconds, just a quick overhand knot and your rope is ready. However, there is a problem, you’re partner may get caught up in it while you are trying to pull your rope and it gets stuck with the knot. It is the most annoying thing that can happen. It definitely can end the mood of the scene. This is because you need to pause the scene and unstuck the knotted rope end. This will lose the en in your scene, and maybe your bottom won’t notice, but you will and it break your mood. The main reason people seem to like knotted ends with Shibari is that it makes it easier to join your rope.

Whipping your rope ends is not that simple but is fun and very good for your rope. Actually, whipping seems to do a pretty good job of finishing rope ends neatly and tidily, and since it is something that people don’t usually do since it is easier to knot the ends, you will be able to distinguish your rope from other people rope. Whipping your rope ends, won’t let your rope get stuck in the middle of the scene. Although whipping your rope takes more time, it is time your giving love to your rope, if you prefer this option, just enjoy it.
Now you know how to finish your rope ends.

Image: Rope Connections

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