David Lawrence – Shibari Art Photography

David Lawrence – Shibari Art Photography

David Lawrence is a master of expressive portrait. He has been photographing people for more than 32 years! This artist became interested in shibari in 2003 when he recognized the beauty of ropes on the skin. After this revelation, shibari became his passion.

Lawrence started to practice shibari, when he discovered his genuine talent and skills of the art of tying rope. He saw this discipline as a great art of expression and a true work of art. As a result, he combined his two passions: shibari and photography. First, in this combination, he is in charge of the scenery with his meticulous ties and intense and beautiful art. Later, he captures the details he created on his camera with his skills and attention.

David Lawrence: His Photographic Process

David Lawrence uses angles, lighting, and creativity to produce a perfect image. He manages to capture the moment and sharing the emotions he felt while he was tying into photography. His images communicate sensuality, eroticism, and emotions. Every image is the reflection of his passion for photography and people. Black & white photographs are his favorite because they have more artistic and timeless visual results.

He believes his commitment and passion for photography are inherent. His credo is “You are only as good as your last photograph”—and he lives by it. More importantly, he shows this same commitment and passion to shibari.

Bound, Rebound, Intensity

Lawrence has three books in which he engraves his passion for shibari and photography. His first book, BOUND, is a compilation of imagery during the first phase of his journey with rope and photography. His second book, reBOUND. Shibari Style Impressions, represents the second phase of this exploration. Along with these, his third book,  INTENSITY. Men in Rope, is a compilation of 18 tied men. Lawrence photographed them in this style of Japanese rope bondage.

In conclusion, this artist took advantage of years of photographic knowledge and his knowledge and passion for shibari to make art.

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