ROPECRAFT is a bondage-focused hotel convention that occurs several times a year all around the United States. Austin, New Orleans, and Chicago have been hosts of this now very famous convention. It was born out of the simple ideas of making a multicultural rope environment where everyone would like to go. ROPECRAFT includes shibari, Western bondage, power exchange, solo tying, and health and play. Besides, it features multiple self-suspension and self-bondage classes. Moreover, it includes a variety of talks, workshops, plays, parties, and professional photographers with a dedicated photo room.

ROPECRAFT: a Welcoming Feeling

Firstly, ROPECRAFT is a space where all attendees share space around shibari. That is, a space where every role, every rope, and every technique is welcome. On the one hand, this is a convention where beginners will learn fundamentals of rope bondage. On the other, experts will challenge themselves and learn from other world-class talents. You will always find innovative classes from new presenters and new classes from innovative presenters.

In particular, the Playspaces are spacious, with rigs and lighting, rock-solid suspension frames, benches, crosses, tripods, and more. Therefore, you will have plenty of room for floor work. Suspensions are available as practice space for everyone in the convention.


Something very interesting about this convention is ROPENSPACE. It is a completely unique experience, custom-made to fit your interests, skills and passion. In it, instead of the staff telling you what to learn, they will ask you what you want to do. Then, they will help you figure out how to do it. In short, it is a space where all attendees share one passion: where they all share experiences, questions, and knowledge.

ROPECRAFT: Cconclusion

Everyone just shares what they want to know, what they want to teach, or what you want to discuss. At the end of the day, everyone will have a unique day of teaching, learning, and sharing. All together, the combination of these factor will not be replicated. ROPECRAFT can be a great event to assist if you are into shibari.

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