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ROPECRAFT 2022 – It’s Knot for Everyone

ROPECRAFT 2022 is a bondage conference which features classes and playtime around Shibari, Western Bondage, Power Exchange, and Solo Tying. This conference takes place in Chicago Illinois at the Memorial Day Weekend. It will be ROPECRAFT’s first in-person event after the pandemic. ROPECRAFT was born out of the idea of making a rope convention that…
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Gray Miller aka “Graydancer” is a teacher, performer and about BDSM and Rope Bondage enthusiast. Since 2003, he resides in Madison, the Bondage Capital of the World. He is as a professional writer and web content developer recognized around the world. He has been working professionally in web, video and social media for several years,…
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ROPECRAFT is a bondage-focused hotel convention that occurs several times a year all around the United States. Austin, New Orleans, and Chicago have been hosts of this now very famous convention. It was born out of the simple ideas of making a multicultural rope environment where everyone would like to go. ROPECRAFT includes shibari, Western…
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