ROPECRAFT 2022 – It’s Knot for Everyone

ROPECRAFT 2022 – It’s Knot for Everyone

ROPECRAFT 2022 is a bondage conference which features classes and playtime around Shibari, Western Bondage, Power Exchange, and Solo Tying. This conference takes place in Chicago Illinois at the Memorial Day Weekend. It will be ROPECRAFT’s first in-person event after the pandemic.

ROPECRAFT was born out of the idea of making a rope convention that everyone would like to go to. Its goal is to promote diversity and consent culture. Moreover, it aims to create a welcoming, inclusive, sex-positive and safe environment for all rope lovers and practitioners. It is also an effort to help bring people together after the lonely times created by the pandemic. Education and community are its core values.
ROPECRAFT 2022 is perfect for beginners, experts, and all rope bondage and Shibari or BDSM lovers. It is a place to share, learn, practice and meet new people with the same passion.

All ROPECRAFT events feature a Ropenspace which is a peer education event, run on Open Space Technology with all the ROPECRAFT instructors in attendance at the event. Additionally, the event also has the Peer Support Team, which are the Consent Incident First Responders. They will help you out in negotiation and be supporting if you’re having a rough time. ROPECRAFT also includes the Special interest Groups, which is a supportive space for your group to meet and discuss.

In this event, you will find nights of Sex-positive play space, with parties and plenty of room for floorwork, self-suspension or non-rope play. In sum, it is the perfect place to create community and connect with other practitioners. And it is also an opportunity for self-tying, advertising and networking opportunities, peer support group, vendors Bazar, workshops, private classes, and several spaces to share and talk with other attendees.

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