Discuss your Deepest Desires and Kinks with your Partner

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Having a healthy sexual life is very important. Couples with a good sexual relationship have seen improvements in their communication, confidence, trust, and in how they bond with each other. Talking about it is more beneficial than you might think. If you’re one of those people who have some deep fantasies that haven’t been voiced yet, don’t wait any longer. Here, we tell you the best way to discuss your deepest desires and kinks with your partner.

Leave your fear behind

As we said, expressing your fantasies might be intimidating. You don’t know how your partner will react, and the fear of them judging you or looking at you differently is always there. But consider this: if the discussion is well managed, you can have incredibly gratifying results. Especially when it is approached with the aim of achieving a new level of intimacy or unlocking new worlds of pleasure with you partner. Don’t be afraid to talk about kinks with your significant other, implementing them will allow you to explore alternative sexual interests outside of vanilla sex.

Let’s just talk about it…

When you want to open up with your partner about desires or fantasies the most important aspect is making sure your connection with them is equally deep. The right time and place to bring up this conversation is also very important. You need to feel safe and secure in order to transmit that energy. Trying the BDSM world and other fantasies requires trust and communication. The important thing is to be open about your likes or dislikes as well as your boundaries. The best way to discuss your deepest desires and kinks with your partner is testing the waters before jumping in. Phrases like: “someone is into kink” or “what do you think about having sex in an aeroplane?” are always helpful to try to figure out how your partner feels about it.

Remember start the conversation smoothly. Be clear, honest, and share everything you want. The worst thing that can happen is that your partner is not interested. But if they share the same desires and kinks…you will unlock a great world of pleasure that you won’t regret.

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