Subay is a shibari artist and founder of Kokoro Studio, the first shibari studio based in Hong Kong. She was 8 years old when she first knew about shibari. She immediately loved the aesthetic and beauty of this ancient art. Moreover, it was an intensely erotic and emotional experience. Subay began practicing at age 18, and is now an artist on her own. She has more years of experience than any other Shibari artist her age.

Subay spent her first few years on the art exploring and learning different styles from several well-respected masters. In 2014, she met Yukimura Haruki, the sensei that inspired her to dedicate fully to the traditional Japanese style. Later, in 2015, she met Naka Akira, so she changed her focus to the semenawa style. Nowadays, she continues to develop her own style of semenawa, which is feminine and inclusive. However, she still devotes tome to the study and practice of the traditional Japanese shibari style.

Subay is a recognized international shibari artist. She has performed and taught workshops around Asia, Europe and the United States. Her teaching focuses on feelings, emotions, and provides insights into the perspective of both rope top and top-bottom. She believes that Shibari is like freeing yourself through restraint, where you need to give a lot of trust and confidence to your partner, which will lead you to very strong feelings and emotions.
Subay has also performed and assisted several recognized Shibari masters, as well as participated in famous Shibair events around the world such as Onna Matsuri in Tokyo, Naka sensei’s satsuma-kai, and has also assisted Naka sensei in his workshops in San Francisco. Subay is also available for private sessions and classes.

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