UbberKinky is the kinkiest BDSM site in the United Kingdom. Stephanie Taylor founded it, and she is also the managing director of the company. What started as a small mail-order company has grown into the kinkiest BDSM site in the United Kingdom.

Back in 1988, AIDS was getting out of hand, so Stephanie decided to sell condoms. Soon, she realized that demand was high, so she managed to get the company off the ground. Additionally, she began to sell vibrators, cock rings and other equipment and toys. She also sold vacuum developers, which many sex therapists bought prior to the development of Viagra. Stephanie gained recognition for her top quality products and supreme service so she decided to expand the catalogue of products.

In 1998 the company launched its first website. Since then, it has gained great popularity. Moreover, the company now employs a qualified workforce of more than 30 employees who are committed to providing the highest possible standards of service.

UbberKinky take very seriously their place as a reference of the BDSM community. They firmly believe that the information on their website helps people to understand these sexual experiences. Likewise, they think it helps to overcome prejudice and stereotypes. UbberKinky’s goal is to offer the finest quality in the most unique adult products available. In addition, they offer information and comprehensive guides which inspire and encourage people to expand their sexual horizons. And also vital information about how to play safely.

In UbberKinky you will find everything you need for Rope Bondage, BDSM, Kinky or Fetish playing, such as restraints, bondage tape, bondage rope, bondage harnesses, bondage slave collars, trigger hooks, dildos, anal beads and butt plugs, sex dolls, vibrators, fetish wear and lingerie for both men and women, sexual lubes, anal relaxants, and of course, condoms.

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