Naka Akira

Naka Akira

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Meet Naka Akira, a prominent Nawashi master hailing from Japan, born in 1959. He is regarded as one of the youngest and most skilled kinbaku masters in the world today. Therefore, he has garnered a reputation as a favorite among enthusiasts and artists worldwide.

Discovering Japanese Bondage

At the age of 30, Naka Akira stumbled upon a study class conducted by the renowned master, Nureki Chimuo. Mesmerized by the sensuality and artistry of bondage, he knew he had found his calling. With unwavering dedication, he became Nureki Chimuo’s sole apprentice for over two decades, honing his craft and mastering the traditional style.

The Unique Style of Naka Akira

Naka Akira’s bondage artistry, inspired by his mentor’s teachings, blends skill, beauty, and love with a touch of raw intensity. His creations evoke beauty through the exploration of suffering, embracing dramatic ties, powerful suspensions, and the subtle mastery of modern shibari styles. He evolved his own distinctive “Naka style,” which he describes as an aesthetic rope of torture, known as Kinbaku. Remarkably, his techniques are reminiscent of the ancient Shibari styles.

Embracing Tradition

Remaining true to tradition, Naka Akira exclusively employs traditional materials in his bindings. He skillfully weaves bamboo bars and jute rope (Asana) to fashion his intricate works of art. While 6mm rope is his choice when tying over clothing, he opts for the finer 4mm rope when creating bonds over bare skin.

Naka Akira: A Multifaceted Artist

Beyond his exceptional rigging prowess, Naka Akira has earned acclaim as a revered teacher, performer, and rope artist. His captivating style of bondage continues to enthrall and inspire enthusiasts within the world of Rope Bondage.

The Journey So Far

Naka Akira’s journey into the realm of Japanese bondage began as a profound fascination and evolved into a lifelong dedication to the art. His unique blend of skill, beauty, and intensity has positioned him as one of the most adored kinbaku masters globally, leaving an indelible mark on the world of Rope Bondage.

Image: Naka Akira

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