Naka Akira

Naka Akira, born in 1959, is one of the youngest Nawashi masters in Japan. Some people say he is the best living master of kinbaku today. Likewise, he is among the favourite riggers in the world.

Akira became aware of the world of Japanese bondage at the age of 30 when he discovered a study class of the top master Nureki Chimuo, and from the very first moment he began watching the bondage master at work, he founded himself impressed and fascinated by the sensuality of bondage, and then he knew he wanted to dedicate his life to it. Naka Akira was the sole student of Nureki Chimuo for more than 20 years learning his style.

Naka Akira has a particular style and type of play, following Nureki Chimuo’s style, which is skilful, beautiful, and loving but rough at the same time. Akira Naka’s particular style of bondage creates beauty in suffering. Its elements are dramatic ties, intense and powerful suspension work, and subtle mastery of styles of modern shibari. After he inherited Nureki’s style and shared it with many people, he began developing his own “Naka style”, which he defines as an aesthetic rope of torture Kinbaku. His technique is similar to some of the oldest styles of Shibari.

Naka Akira only uses traditional materials in his bindings, like bamboo bars, or ropes put together, as well as Asana, which is jute rope. He also likes to use 6mm rope if he is tying over clothing, but if he is tying over bare skin he will definitely use 4mm rope.

Naka Akira is a very recognized rigger, teacher, performer, and rope artist which style is one of the favourites among the world of Rope Bondage.

Image: Naka Akira

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