Jyowa “Rope Series”

Jyowa “Rope Series”

Jyowa “Rope Series” is a project featuring Nawashi Kanna with Kagura and Pedro Cordas as the Filmmaker. It all started in Tokyo in 2011 as a documentary film. Jyowa is an aesthetic experience that takes the viewer into the unique universe of five of Japan’s top artists. Jyowa presents the 5 most recognized artists, Naka Akira, Yukimura Haruki, Nawashi Kanna, Urado Hiroshi and Hajime Kink.

The film has 5 chapters. In each of them, you will see people taking a journey into a deep and profound level of communication. The common element among them is rope.

The movie is performed by Nawashi Kanna & Kagura. Nawashi Kanna is one of the main Deshierbé of the Grand Master Akeshi Denki. His style derives many of its forms from Hojojutsu ties. This style shows an intricate pattern of ropes in the back, balanced by minimal and clean lines on the front. Additionally, his Kinbaku is restrictive and often includes forms of breath control. Likewise, the placing of ropes and knots privilegesthe upper part of the body.

Jyowa is a made-up word which was created by Yukimura Sensei that merges the characters of rope and for speaking and communicating, which can be translated as “communication through ropes” or “rope stories”.

Jyowa Rope Series isbegan with Pedro’s idea of creating a documentary about rope artists. This idea grew organically during the different stages of the creative process into something different from the original idea, and that idea became “Jyowa”, which one of the main motivation to do this film was to share the amazingly rich and different types of communication through the rope with the world.

You will enjoy the aesthetics and tying techniques as well as feel and experience the session of each one of the great Masters of Shibari in Japan.

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