How to Lose your Rope Virginity

How to Lose your Rope Virginity

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First of all, a necessary disclaimer: please read this article about how to lose your rope virginity in a tongue-in-cheek mood. In other words, don’t take it too seriously. Your first experience with bondage can be as intense and amazing as your first experience with sexual intercourse. However, in the end, it is an individual matter for which general advice barely works.

Having said that, let’s begin by saying that, just as in the case of your regular virginity, things shouldn’t happen if you don’t feel prepared for them. Remember, you should always consent to any practice.

As it happens with intercourse, drinking and performing is not a good idea. This is especially the case with bondage, in which safety is essential. You must discipline yourself to make all the necessary preparations, and that includes what you ate the previous night, doing warming-up exercises, and going through all the security checks, no matter how boring.

Once again, just as is the case when you’re about to share physical intimacy, you should find a special partner for the occasion. Believe it or not, bondage is as intimate as sex, even if you do it with your clothes on. You wouldn’t believe how emotionally intense it can be. And this is the case even if you’re not involved in a relationship with the rigger. So, don’t just jump into anyone who can “do the job.” Find someone with whom you feel a strong bond. Someone who cares and listens. It’s not impossible.

Finally, relax. Anxiety and tension are not good companions or advisers in these circumstances. Therefore, take your time. Breath. Stretch out. Do whatever works for you to make you feel calm and at ease. 

How about you? How did you lose your rope virginity? Was it a good experience? Do you remember how it all turned out?

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