Unnamedminor is a shibari artist, performer, and rigger in Thailand. Her name is Phetcharada Pacharee, but friends know her Minor, and professional connections call her Unnamedminor. Shibari is a traditional form of artistic rope bondage that originated in Japan. Although there is much Japanese cultural influence in Thailand, shibari was little known there due to the nation’s sexually-repressed culture. When shibari arrived to this country, it brought liberation to rope enthusiasts. Thus, shibari has emerged from Bangkok’s underground fetish scene to occasional semi-public performances at select venues recently.

Unnamedminor: Her Story

Unnamedminor is a 32-year-old shibari artist who identifies herself as bisexual. She began studying shibari around four years ago. As for her education, she studied with numerous foreign teachers in Asian and European styles. Today people recognize her as one of the five masters who can do aerial suspension in Thailand. In addition, she is the first person who brought shibari into the public, for she staged a live performance in Bangkok in 2019.

Shibari in Thailand

In Thailand, shibari is a closed group activity. The culture within Thai society restricts and prohibits sexual expression. Therefore, conservative people see rope bondage as sexually indulgent and dangerous.  For this reason, people consider it a closed group activity; and it is difficult to be accepted. All in all, it is very challenging for everyone interested in shibari to find a community in this country to gain experience.

How Unnamedminor Achieved It

Unnamedminor has a wooden wing hanging from the ceiling of her living room in her home in Bangkok’s Chatuchak area. In this space, she welcomes Thais and Westerns interested in seeing her work or taking lessons with her. Her practice relies on the intimate and unbreakable connection between the top and the bottom.

Additionally, she believes that safety is the most important factor in shibari. Accidents and mistakes can happen at any time. As a consequence, safety must be one thing that can never leave your mind during a scene. It is important to remember that you are responsible for the safety of another person. In conclusion, Unnamedminor also thinks carelessness and presumption are the most dangerous mistakes in this discipline.  

Image: UnlockMen

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