Why Would You Enjoy Tying Someone Up?

When people first hear about shibari, the first thing they question is why would you enjoy tying someone up? Shibari is a Japanese word that means binding or tying. It is a BDSM practice that involves decorative bondage. Many people are interested in learning. Some others do not understand why the person would enjoy tying someone else up.

This question does not have a specific answer. Regardless, I will let you know the typical answers to these questions. Keep in mind, however, that the answer will differ in each individual. What it means to you can differ on what it means to your partner.

Why Would You Enjoy Tying Someone Up?: Three Possible Answers

I can offer, at the very least, three different answers to why practitioners of shibari enjoy tying someone up. The first has to do with erotics; the second, with a thirst for knowledge; the third, with fantasies.

The Erotics

Firstly, people enjoy tying someone else because it is sexy, erotic, and sensual. To begin with, the contact with the rope is spectacular. In addition, the interaction with your partner becomes more intimate. Lastly, the visual aspect of the knots is crucial: ropes do make beautiful art.

Tying someone is sharing intimacy through rope, even if it is not done with a sexual purpose, is still connective. Tying someone up brings closeness, trust, and connection to your partner. People enjoy suspending others and creating artistic forms with the rope.

Thirst for Knowledge

Secondly, they find attractive and interesting to learn about rope bondage. Initially, they want to learn the basics of shibari, but they even get to enjoy more the mastering of their skills of rope. By using them to tie, they experience a  great feeling of satisfaction. Learning to do new and more things with ropes excites people.


Some people enjoy fantasies, and one of the favorite for shibari is the damsel in distress. In it, the rigger becomes the one who saves the woman in danger.

Why Would You Enjoy Tying Someone Up?: Conclusions

So why would you enjoy trying someone up? The magic that two people can make together in a shibari scene is amazing. It is erotic, sensual, artistic, intimate, and intense. It creates a connection with your partner that is indescribable.

Shibari really connects people. The way you communicate with your partner without taking and the feelings you experience are unbelievable. The power of control that you feel while tying someone else is something that can be rewarding.

For these and many other reasons people enjoy tying someone up. Why not try it yourself? And why would you not enjoy tying someone up?

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