The Double Column Tie

The Double Column Tie

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The double column tie is probably the most classic way of tying in shibari. You will often see it in movies, photographs, and scenes. It is one of the most useful ties. Participants use it for tying any tow columns: wrists, ankles, wrist to ankles, thighs, calves, a wrist to a thigh, and a wrist to an upper arm with the arm folded. Other usages are rendering an arm unable, an ankle to an upper-thigh with the knee bent, or anything else that can be together. The double column tie is also comm for tying peoples legs or arms to chair legs, chair arms, or bed legs. Options are endless.

Shibari 101: the Double Column Tie

This is one of the most basic and useful ties in rope bondage. You can enjoy a great rope scene by only using it and replicating it a few times. This type is very simple, easy to learn, and safe. With it, you can get that feeling of control. In addition, it is the foundation of many more complicated shibari ties.


The other side of tying is untying. The double column tie has small knots, which you can undo relatively quickly if you need to. Since there is a knot at the beginning, you can undo it very quickly. The reason is you do not have to untie from every end. This practice, in contrast, could take a while.

Double Column Tie: Conclusion

Using the best tie is not the point in shibari. The only thing that really matters is using what is safe and what works for you and your partner. Practicing your ties is very important! Practice and practice until you no longer think about it and can do it automatically.

There are different ways of doing this type of tie. You can learn how to do it here.

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