Gray Miller aka “Graydancer” is a teacher, performer and about BDSM and Rope Bondage enthusiast. Since 2003, he resides in Madison, the Bondage Capital of the World. He is as a professional writer and web content developer recognized around the world. He has been working professionally in web, video and social media for several years, and is a member of and the Kink Academy.

Graydancer has also participated in several podcasts such as Polyamory Weekly and Darts Domain. Additionally, he has his own Podcast known as Rope cast. Interestingly, it is the longest-running kink podcast that you will find on the web.
Graydancer has a particular preference in Bondage, but his focus has also evolved over time into power exchange relationships, consent practices, leather culture and all the educational aspects of kink, which include safety. He is also the founder and director of ROPECRAFT. This is one of the most famous rope bondage conventions in the world.

Graydancer has participated in different events and conventions around the world such as Kinky College, ShibariCon, SPANKfest, Rapture NYC. A Woman’s Touch, Chicago Rope Symposium, The London Festival of the Art of Japanese Bondage, Sin in the City, Fetfest, The Rope Academy, Rope Bite, Show me the Ropes, BoldCon, Ohio Leather Fest, Austin Ropecraft Symposium, Leather leadership Conference and much more.

Graydancer has also hosted and organized around 50 events in all 5 countries. Some of his recent posts are Re-connecting to Rope and Rope, Cancer and Long Term relationships. He also imparts group and particular classes as well as online classes. In his classes, he gives handouts as well as 2 presentations. You can also find them on his website.

Graydancer is a rope passionate who loves and enjoys imparting classes, rigging, performing and talking about his passions.

Image: Graydancer

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