MFP Rope

MFP Rope

MFP rope comes for multifilament polypropylene, which is a synthetic fiber. This rope is waterproof and resistant to most oils and lubricants. Unlike dyed ropes, this type comes braided with different pre-colored fiber, so the color remains vibrant and does not bleed or fade.

MFP and Decorative Shibari

People in decorative shibari prefer this type of rope over others. Experts braid MFP rope specifically with bondage/kink in mind. For this reason, it is pretty soft and smooth on the skin. Additionally, it holds the knots pretty well.

Moreover, the most amazing characteristic about this type of rope is that most vendors can customize it in the colors of your preference. You can choose up to six different colors for one single rope! Although they have a regular length, you can also customize this feature. MFP rope is very easy to find, and if you do not care about a customization, you can buy the preexistent colors at the moment.

MPF Rope: Description

MFP rope is very light, very smooth, and you can handle it very fast. The knots compact down quite tinily, so you will not get bulky and unsightly ones. It is also pretty affordable (although if you customize it price may go up a little bit). But, as a synthetic rope, it is still quite cheap. 

In addition, MFP is a low maintenance rope. You can take care of it easily, as you can wash it in the washing machine and let it dry. You do not even need to dry it under tension because it is not a natural fiber rope, so it does not shrink.

Some Cons

Another distinct feature is that the MFP rope is very strong. It is a medium soft rope, so it might burn (in contrast to the nylon rope). It is a kind of slippery element and does not friction as well as others, so it is not that good for suspensions.

MPF Rope: Conclusion

Although MFP rope is not a “traditional” rope in shibari, many people use it. Just give it a try and decide for yourself. If it is not for you, look into cotton, hemp, and yute ropes.

Image: Ravenox

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