Anastasia Voudou Ropes

Anastasia Voudou Ropes

Anastasia Voudou Ropes is a Rope Artist, Model, Rigger and Educator. She has been into the art of Shibari for more than 7 years. She has travelled around the world practicing shibari, learning with different masters, sharing experiences, and developing her own style.

Anastasia Voudou Ropes will be happy to be your guide in the sensual journey of Shibari. She offers workshops and lessons. Likewise, she participates in exhibitions in different places around the world. She enjoys giving workshops in the places she travels so she can share her approach to Shibari. This is important for her, since she wants to change the perception of Shibari as something weird and taboo.

Anastasia believes that Shibari is communication, power, and art. This will give participants a joyful moment. With Shibari, you will be empowering your partner by binding them, where caring and giving are the clue words to enjoy Shibari.

Anastasia gives private lessons in different locations every month since she enjoys moving to new places every month in order to explore and share her knowledge with different people. She also has available group lessons which are great for learning and for meeting new people with you same interests. Group lessons are perfect for couples or alone and pair up with someone else. Online courses are also available, where she will be teaching and checking your progress via video calls and correcting or teaching what is needed.

Anastasia classes or workshops will let you learn what you need in a welcoming environment, where you will be able to practice with different people and to learn essential and decorative knots.

Anastasia Voudou Ropes has been doing photoshoots lately in San Diego and In Mexico, where she spend more than 3 months doing great photoshoots.

Image: Anastasia

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