Miss Eris: a Biography

Miss Eris: a Biography

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To begin with, Miss Eris is a Brazilian Shibari artist, educator, and traveller based in Barcelona, Spain. She is passionate about Shibari and takes it very seriously. In addition, she loves the aesthetic beauty and ancestral technique that is experienced through the rope. She enjoys going around the world exchanging knowledge with other bondage practitioners from all levels.

Miss Eris: a Biography – her Formative Years

Her formation in shibari was in Japan and Europe. She worked with some of the great masters: Kazami Ranki, Hajime Kinoko, Naka Akira, Otanawa, and Pedro Cordas. Moreover, she has also a deep knowledge of yoga, body mechanics, and circus techniques. These, combined, allow her to incorporate her knowledge into her own style of Shibari. Even more so, they enable her to constantly evolve her technique. It all gives her style her unique and personal touch.

Ropes: her Expertise

Miss Eris fundamentally works with ropes, but her knowledge and experience extend very far. In addition to being a professional rope rigger, she is also an educator, visual artist, and performer. Although she is a young Shibari passionate, her knowledge of it is long and deep—both as a rigger and a model. An experienced rigger and model, she is also capable of practicing self-suspension. Her domain of the rope,  knowledge of the body anatomy, and ability to make an extraordinary scene have given her great recognition in social media around the world.

This great figure is also passionate about photography and video art. These combines perfectly with her passion for shibari and ropes. The photographs and videos resulting from her sessions show dark and sexualized attitudes full of nature, light, and fantasy. These elements reveal her own and already recognizable style of shibari. Fashion and cinema nurture her videos and photographs. Whoever gets in contact with her work will enjoy an amazing sensorial experience.

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