Nobel Manqué

Nobel Manqué is a bondage and erotic photographer, bondage rigger and bondage instructor working in Portland, Oregon. He works with a variety of rope bondage styles, from traditional Shibari/Kinbaku, to western Damsel-in-distress ties, and dynamic full-suspension bondage. He is also the founder of Noble Rope Arts.

Noble Manqué began exploring consensual rope restraint in 1973. He has been working as an art and bondage nude photographer for over 30 years. He also has a fascination with the psychological implications of Dominance and submissive hierarchies. His goal in a photo session is to collaborate with the models in order to capture powerful moments using erotic bondage as a form of artistic expression. That’s why he is always seeking for models interested in exploring the art of rope bondage, and who are passionate about the creation of amazing sexual images.

Noble Rope Arts are about functional and visually compelling rope ties, in which the goal is to create a space where rigger and bottom can build a connection between them. He thinks rope restraint is all about building and exploring confidence and trust between rigger and bottom, where the bottom gives temporarily control to the rigger. Noble believes that the true art of rope bondage is taking the power as a rigger, and then use it to create moments of trust, intensity, and vulnerability for both people to enjoy and experience together.

Noble Manqué’s style is about simplicity and functionality. He believes that the concentration of the rigger must be in the application of the rope and the way the person in their care is being handled, It is not only about the rope, but about connecting with your partner which can be the most gratifying moments of intimacy and connection in life.

Image: Art of Contemporary Shibari – Nobel Manqué

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