Mark Varley

Mark Varley is an English Fine-Art nude & Bondage photographer, Rope Bondage Artist and Instructor. He is also the founder of Beautiful, a small business that offers bondage products.

Mark Varley is a British that began tying up people at the age of 15, just for fun. When he was 18, he saw a Japanese Shibari magazine in an adult store in Germany, and was completely amazed. So, he decided to begin practicing Shibari.

Mark began enjoying the trust and control over a restrained person. This is still important for him. However, as time passed, and he experienced more, he felt a growing fascination with the aesthetic beauty of Shibari. Therefore, he became more interested in the process of a scene.

For Mark, the aesthetic beauty of bondage that he creates in the studio is what he loves the most. Sometimes, it is more about the rope shapes, and sometimes it is more about decorating a body. In any case, it is a deep enjoyment. He also likes to photograph and Shibari as a form of art.
Mark became popular in Shibari photography due to his artistic nude and figure images, where he added a variation of textures and lines to his work. He began teaching people how to recreate what they saw in Mark’s photographs, which made him focus more on bondage photography.

In 2007, Mark published his second book, “London Bound”, which focused on Bondage Photography, which became very popular. On 2009, he published “London ReBound” which established him not only as a Bondage photographer but as one of the leading rope-bondage artists.

Mark Varley offers bondage tuition. If you would like to play bottom for him, or if you wish his services as aphotographer, you can contact him on his website.

Image: Mark Varley

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