Austin Rope Slingers

Austin Rope Slingers

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Austin Rope Slingers began in the spring of 2015 in a small apartment with one goal. It began offering a weekly gathering space for people interested in rope. The goal was to share knowledge, experience, and practice the skill.
Austin Rope Slingers is a group of rope enthusiasts devoted to helping the members of the Austin kink scene to feel welcomed, supported, safe and free to express themselves. They focus on rope safety, and all levels and methods of rope bondage. Also, they teach the psychological aspects of bondage, which includes bottoming and suspension, combined with creativity.

Nurturing the Austin Kink Scene

Austin Rope Slingers has met once a week since 2015. They have a tradition of education and inclusion. In 2016 they hosted his first party, which centred towards learning and celebrating rope. Austin Rope Slingers has expanded and brings national and international educators.

Knowledge and Inclusion at Austin Rope Slingers

It is a volunteer-run and donation supported peer rope group, in which their focus is to gather a group for rope education with a 101 level class every week and higher-level rope education as well as rope intensives as requested and offers by members. They host weekly rope labs every Monday in a variety of locations across Austin, as well as a play party every first Saturday of the month.

As well as any other Rope bondage group, the consent policy is very important. You need to ask before touching other people or others people things, this includes bodies, toys, rope or phones. Touching is only allowed after receiving clearly expressed verbal permission to touch.

Austin Rope Slingers also views photography as a kink activity, so everyone in a photo needs to consent to be in it regardless of how much of them are there. You will find with the group classes, private classes, workshop, parties, and much more.

In conclusion, Austin Rope Slingers embodies the essence of a community united by a shared passion for rope. It is a living testament to the transformative power of kinship, education, and the pursuit of artistry within the ever-evolving realm of kink and bondage.

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