The Rope Bottom Role

The Rope Bottom Role

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The Rope Bottom role is one of the two most important toles in Shibari. It is the person who is being tied by the top. Although people think that in a Shibari or Rope Bondage session the one who makes all the works is the rigger, they are wrong. The Bottom does collaborate in the scene, and their role is very important.

A Rope scene includes two people, it is a partnership with mutual trust and two-way communication. The most important role that the bottom plays is communication. It is very important to have good communication and a good negotiation before the scene. As a bottom, It is important to express what you are hoping to get out of rope bondage, what you would like to explore, what type of experience would you like, and what you want and what you don’t want.

So the first step is communicating everything, and participating in the negotiation in order to have clear the consent agreement of the scene. Before playing with a rope top, it is a rope bottom responsibility to communicate any health conditions that might cause any problem. In a Shibari scene the top will focus solely on you. However, remember they are not able to read your mind, so if there’s something happening that isn’t comfortable, you need to speak out.

Rope bottoms also require some physical preparation before the scene. You can collaborate by having enough sleep before the scene, and sufficient food and water throughout the day. This way, your body has the resources it needs and you won’t get dehydrated during the scene. Likewise, don’t eat heavy meals beforehand. You can also do some stretches! which is very helpful in order to warm your muscles up.

Now you know everything you need about the rope bottom role.

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