How to Say You Want Kink

Kinki is a term that describes several unconventional sexual activities that go beyond “normal sex”. It is important to know how to say you want kink, since this can surprise, or even shock, your partner. Or they might like the idea.

So, how are you gonna tell your partner you are interested in Kink? Telling someone your sexual preferences and fantasies might not be easy. But, if you don’t give it a try, you will never know the answer.

The first step is to be confident with yourself and talking without shame. Remember there are many stigmas around kink, but it is just playful sexuality. So, don’t think too much about how you are going to ask for it.  It is important to choose the right time. Make sure that once you start the conversation, both can discuss things further, without any pressure.

Once you start the conversation, keep in mind that it will be a negotiation. Make sure that both ask questions, and communicate their own needs or limits.  When you are talking about kink, talk abut how you would like to play, and use the keyword playful and together, where consent and collaboration are essential.

When you are starting your kink journey, it is important to educate yourself on the concepts of SSC(safe, sane and consensual) and RACK(risk-aware consensual kink). Choose your kink activity, to start we recommend Shibari, it is a perfect way to start, where you will both share amazing emotions and make great communication bondage.

Remember that communication is the clue of almost everything, so if you re trying to propose your partner something new, you just need to talk with them, the worst scenario is that you will get a “No” as an answer, but if you don’t even ask, you will never know what the answer will be.

Image: Muyinteresante

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