Important Bottom Skills

Important Bottom Skills

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In any Shibari scene, there are two main roles: rigger and bottom. The bottom is the person who gets tied. In this article, we explore some important bottom skills that you should know about if you intend to let someone tie you.

First of all, you have to be in good physical shape. This is because bondage submits the body to an intense effort. And, if the person is not in proper shape, there can be circulatory and muscular problems. It is always important, before a scene, that you verify that you don’t have this kind of problems.

However, the most important quality of a bottom is not physical, but mental: you have to understand that being a bottom doesn’t mean being passive. Quite the opposite, the bottom participates in a scene as much as the rigger does. If the bottom keeps their mind somewhere else, there can be no emotional exchange. If the bottom doesn’t interact with the top, no power dynamic develops among them.

Something very important if you’re going to play bottom is to know when your body is telling you that something’s wrong. It will always take the top longer to detect any problem. Therefore, you, as the bottom, should monitor yourself and communicate in a clear, specific way that something is not right.

A rope bottom should always be honest. Do not consent if you’re not sure or if you definitely don’t want something to happen. Once you consent, the rigger is entitled to think that he can go ahead with whatever it is you agreed. 

Another important thing is to be patient and keep a good attitude. Shibari scenes take time. And you should enjoy the process, instead of wanting to rush to the final result. Likewise, don’t be annoying. Keep your requests within the limits of reasonability. You’re not a diva. You’re a rope bunny.

Finally, enjoy every moment and every touch of the rope on your skin.

Now you know which are the most important bottom skills.

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