Purple Passion

Purple Passion

Purple Passion is New York City’s premier BDSM, fetish, clothing and adult store for men and women since 1992. Purple Passion/DV8 is located in the New York metropolitan area, in a safe, discreet and accessible area. There, it offers a wide selection of BDSM and Kinky clothing and products, of low price and high quality. The store has a wide selection of latex and leather clothing, restraints, bondage equipment, ropes, vibrators, sex toys and more. At Purple Passion you will find a friendly and knowledgeable staff. They will make you feel comfortable, whether it is your first time or if you are an experienced buyer.

In the store, you will find anything you can imagine, like latex clothing and tools, which includes latex cock sheath, latex straight jacket with open crotch, latex hoods with round eye, nose and mouth holes, latex hood with rounded eyes and nose holes,  latex hood with round mouth and nose holes. open faceplates hood, silicone beginner ball gag, fantasy silicone gag, silicone butt plugs, silicone paddles, waterproof silver bullet,  suspension cuffs, ankle cuffs in colours or leather, blindfold with licking buckle, silicone ball gag with nipple clamps, stainless steel lips and tongue press, head harness with a mouth gag, penis gag plus cup holder, collars with different adaptations, and more.

You will also find  BDSM furniture such as Sex bench with restraining straps, sex swing stand, queening chair. Likewise, they offer some curious items, such as panty vibrators, spiked bras, and everything you can imagine.

In Purple Passion, you will of course find everything you need for  Rope scenes like Bondage tape, Cotton Bondage Rope, suspension rings, full-body straps bondage sets, hanging leather strap cage, Hanging Rubber Strap cage, Nylon bondage rope, Nylon rope started kit, Hemp rope and more.

Image: Purple Passion

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