The Language of Rope

The Language of Rope

Shibari is not only a matter of tying and knots. Shibari has to do with the feeling and the energy flow with your partner. Most people think that learning elaborated knots and elaborated ways of tying is what Shibari is about. Although safety, a good technique and the appropriate equipment are vital, Shibari is more about passion and communication. Here, the rope is the bridge between partners. Shibari is the language of rope.

In a Shibari scene, the rope becomes the language between you and your partner. Therefore, the passion you put into the scene will affect the tying. Furthermore, the way you and your partner communicate through the rope will produce magical effects. This is because the Rope is an extension of the riggers hands. Consequently, it becomes a medium of exchange and communication between partners.

On the other hand, the way the bottom reacts to the touch of the rope with their body, the tension and the different ties, will be the other side of the connection. That’s how the rigger will understand if they are enjoying it or not. It is very important to pay attention to the feedback from your partner. This includes being aware of the body language, breathing and even the look in their eyes.

The rope will help you create a magical connection with your partner, where the rope, the knots and the ties can express if they are soft, aggressive, seductive or dominant. The key in Shibari is to understand your partner’s needs and meet them through a combination of physical contact, passion and rope handling and reaction. The Rope in a Shibari scene and the interaction with the body makes the experience intimate. The physical interaction with the rope, combined with the mood and passion in the scene will create a magical moment for the scene and between partners.

The language of Rope is created by you and your partner, and without any words spoken, you can be able to achieve a deep communication with your partner.

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