Tying is Hugging

Shibari is the Japanese art of erotic tying, which means to tie or tight binding. It is an intense emotional experience, and that’s why they say tying is hugging.

Shibari is about erotism and beauty. Actually, many people find it exciting to immobilize and restrain. Shibari is a practice where both rigger and bottom can enjoy and get pleasure, both physical and emotional. For the tied person known as the bottom, the effect is partly physical. Mainly because they can enjoy the pressure of the ropes in erogenous zones due to the friction. This friction can be either soft or rough, depending on the material of the rope. If they practice suspensions, they can enjoy the weightless sensation of flying. Some people find this exhilarating. Regarding the emotional or psychological effects, which are very powerful and sometimes even contradictory, where you can enjoy the adrenaline rush combined with relaxation and confidence where you are able to forget about any responsibility and just enjoy the pleasure.

Shibari is, in a way, a big hug from the rigger since the ropes turn into an extension of the fingers and hands of the rigger. With the ropes, the rigger transmits confidence, trust and security, where communication also plays an important role. The communication between rigger and bottom becomes an intense dance and interaction between them, where ropes are hugging the bottoms body and both rigger and bottom can enjoy the beautiful, lovely, sensual, and erotic scene full of emotions, feelings and sensations that are above of anything they have felt before.
Shibari is an amazing practice that builds a strong connection between partners which results in a beautiful and aesthetically scene that is great for photography.

So, don’t forget it: tying is hugging.

Image: Imgur

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