Empowered Submission with Shannon Burton

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Empowered Submission with Shannon Burton is focused on building blissful BDSM dynamics from the bottom!

A submissive’s playground is often found between the growing edge of our limits and the yearning maw of our deepest needs.

This presents a challenge: How do we communicate our shifting limits and needs to ensure sustainable, fulfilling dynamics with our Doms?

Join Sex Coach Shannon to find out in this burnout-busting, need-meeting class for submissives.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Tune into your body to identify needs and limits at any time.
  • Use BDSM-friendly communication tools to enhance clarity.
  • negotiate agreements that feel balanced and exciting.
  • self-advocate when things fall out of balance.

Get what you want from submission for satisfaction that lasts long after your scenes are over. Register now to claim your BDSM bliss.

Sex Coach Shannon

Shannon Burton, SXI, is a nonmonogamous, kinky, queer sex coach based in New Orleans, LA. She offers virtual and in-person coaching for women and couples looking for their next erotic adventure. Browse her free resources at sexcoachshannon.com.

All workshops are open to people of all genders and sexualities, individuals, couples, or groups.

Tickets are based on a sliding scale. Therefore, you determine what you pay. Keep in mind that the fees we charge pay for the instructors as well as for the Sexology Institute to continue our educational workshops. The ticket prices for virtual events are priced per screen. If you are planning on having multiple viewers on one screen, please consider purchasing a higher-priced ticket. These are how we recommend determining what to pay; however, you determine what you feel comfortable with. The sliding ticket scale is between $25 and $35, with the following recommendations:


$25: Those who are finding it hard to meet everyday costs

$30: Those who can meet their daily costs but find it stressful

$35: Those who can meet everyday costs comfortably

Empowered Submission with Shannon Burton might be the ideal event for you!

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