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Taming the Demons

I can’t help it. There are many things that make me nervous. And I always worry the most about what is going to happen. I have anxiety issues, which means that I live surrounded by demons. I fear every next step I’m about to take in my life. And I end up exhausted every day.…
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Shibari For Anxiety and Stress

Believe it or not, you can use Shibari for anxiety and stress. You will find it is actually very helpful and fun. Everyone has gone through a period of stress and anxiety throughout the pandemic. Stress, unfortunately, is a situation very common today,  but the way each individual handles stress is different. Some prefer to…
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Shibari Helps Relieve Stress

Shibari helps relieve stress. Thinking about BDSM and the intensity and pain associated to it, it is no one’s first thought that there is something relaxing about whips and handcuffs. But there definitely is. Everyone experiences stress and anxiety throughout life. Whether in good times or bad times, most people say that stress interferes at…
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