Christian Red

Christian Red

Christian Red is a full-time rigger based in the Nottingham area of the United Kingdom. He runs rope events in England and also abroad. In them, he teaches, performs and creates art.  Christian has been studying rope for several years and has become a full time educator. His influences include several recognized riggers and rope artists, such as Barkas, Xian, Gorgone, Kazami Ranki, Wildties, Fred Hatt, Anna Bones, and Ro-nin. He combined their styles and created his own Rope Bondage style. He has also studied collaborated with medical and mental health professionals. Consequently, he combines his own rope bondage style with emotional and psychological health.

Christian Red has been teaching rope for several years. He has performed in different events, such as Pague Shibari Festival, BBB, Cirque De Chaos, KFS, and many others. Christian has also imparted workshops at various places, including Anatomy Studios, Prague Shibari Festival, Rope Office Hours, Rope On! (Edinburg), UKREx, EURIX, Kinbaku North, Highland House, Embargo, Bedford Peer and many others.

Christian Red focus as an educator is to break complex topics into simple ideas. His priority as a rigger is to develop a shared space with the person he is tying. Additionally, he aims to give them the freedom to explore themselves and their desires. He believes that polishing your skills with ropes, allows you to feel the rope as an extension of yourself. That is when you can let go and enjoy.

Christian Red imparts workshops, classes, group workshops and private tuition. He has experience teaching groups of people from 2 to 18 couples, depending on the content.  in Nottingham or can travel abroad if needed. He recommends getting an idea of his teaching style by attending his classes at the Nottingham Rope Social and Birmingham Rope Classes before arranging private tuition.

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