Let your female partner tie you up

Let your female partner tie you up and enjoy a new perspective on Bondage. Don’t let prejudices prevent you from having this experience.

The misconceptions surrounding dominance and submission tend to presume male dominance in a heterosexual dynamic. However, many men enjoy playing bottom. Actually, the number of men assuming the bottom increases every day, and the majority of Shibari practitioners switch roles.

So, most people are actually playing both roles. Gender norms tend to pressure heterosexual men toward a dominant role. However, there are plenty of reasons why men might enjoy playing bottom. Men are usually the ones tying, but it might be the unconscious tendency toward the role of gendered stereotypes as more traditionally masculine, and although they want to be tied, they fall into the default role of dominance.

Even in parties or workshops, there are much more male rope bunnies than female riggers. Female doms are still an exception. So, the assumption that men do not desire dominance is not true, but the stereotype might stop women from developing skills of dominance. The best recommendation is to switch roles, or at least try both sides of the play, remember that you don’t know if you like something until you try it, so women should try being riggers and men should try being bottoms. Even if you didn’t like it, you will gain a lot of knowledge by experiencing the other side of the dynamic.

So if you are a man, let your female partner tie you up. Don’t be afraid, is totally normal, and if you are a woman, try tying your partner up, you both will deffinately enjoy the experience!

Image: Inside Hook

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