Nothing Wrong With Vanilla Sex

Vanilla sex—meaning your run-of-the-mill, normal sex—is sometimes perceived as conservative and boring sex that doesn’t get too crazy. So, can vanilla sex be amazing, sensual and enjoyable? Definitively.

Is vanilla sex really boring?

The popularity of Kinky sex and BDSM practices, such as bondage, has increased in the past few years. In sexuality, kinkiness means the use of non-conventional practices, concepts, or fantasies. A lot of people practice kinky sex, and the kinky community is growing daily with new practitioners of BDSM, rope bondage and fetishism. Still, the acceptance of kink is something pretty new.

Until recently, this sexual lifestyle was considered taboo, but thanks to some films, TV shows, as well as open-mindedness, kink has become mainstream. You hear people discussing it and its practice freely, which has led some to equate vanilla sex with boring sex, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

To each his and her own

Vanilla sex may have a reputation of boring, stereotypical and normal within the kink community, but what is the problem if it works for those who enjoy it? It’s all about simple perspective: if it works for you, it’s perfectly fine! In reality, more than 50% of the population have vanilla sex and live perfectly happy lives.

Sexual preferences are up to the couple or partnership practicing them. Some might be comfortable with vanilla sex, while others might want to explore something more. Some enjoy Bondage; others, pain. It all depends on your pleasures, what you’re looking for, and what works for you.

Find your own sexual lifestyle

If vanilla sex isn’t your thing, try another thing. But if you are happy with it, keep doing it. There’s nothing wrong with vanilla sex; it is not bad, conservative, or boring. Whether a sexual experience, either vanilla or very kinky, is bad or good, doesn’t depend on that, but who are you sharing the experience with and the trust between you.

Image: Quora

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